Lace Frontal & Closure DISCLOSURE

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Lace is an illusion not a disappearing act 📌

The thinner the lace is the better it melts into your skin ✍🏽

•Lace tint is use to match complexion

Majority frontals are Swiss lace which is more affordable and common to use and can still achieve a flawless install. However for the most natural look HD or transparent lace brings quality !

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APPLICATION- Adhesive is used for a strong hold. Products used are from my Lavish Queen Collection. Adhesive is waterproof, sweat resistant t & oil proof. Products have been tested on sensitive skin.

Disclaimer: Everyone’s body chemistry is different and we are not held responsible for any allergic reactions.

🚨Be gentle , aggressive brushing can pull the lace back.
🚨Avoid putting oil or products with oil in it on your lace . (Top of head and hair line) Applying makeup everyday that consist of oil can create build up on the lace as well and effect the adhesive.


Lack of care and over excessive brushing can cause shedding of hair (creating bald spots in lace).

Frontal's can last 2-3 weeks, Closures 3-4 weeks , as stated above body chemistry & aftercare can vary longevity per person.

Please keep in mind for longevity of style, maintenance is NECESSARY! No matter if a frontal has not lifted within the 2-3 week period it is very important to still get a maintenance. Frontals can get dirty due to lent and debris in the air as well as the glue from dirty scarfs. If closure or frontal begins to slide black it is very important to get a maintenance to avoid any damage to your real hair.

Home After care: Sleep and shower with Silk or satin scarf /elastic band around hairline . (Lavish Queen head wraps, elastic bands and bonnets are available for purchase visit website to place order). If you work out it is important to cover head to avoid lifting. Rubbing Alcohol and excessive alcoholic beverages can break down adhesive. If you choose to wash your hair while installed, please be aware lifting may occur and you would have to cleanse lace (free of product) before reapplying. If you experience any lifting or sliding back of lace please take in consideration information above.

Removing of lace : If you chose to remove lace on your own I am not responsible for any mishaps or imperfections if lace is not removed properly. Lace Should be removed using Lavish Queen Collection "Crown Off Lace remover". Visit website to purchase. To clean lace use a clarifying shampoo or dawn dish soap to remove build up (oil or conditioner can be used to lift lace as well) use rubbing alcohol to remove any left over residue on lace (do not over use alcohol) Must be rinsed and condition. Link below will give more details on

How to take of your bundles -

I will not advise anyone to use adhesive without a professional. All my clients are shown at time of appointment of products to use if they need assistance with laying lace and baby hairs. If you decide to relay on your own using adhesive I am not responsible for any mishaps or imperfections that may occur. If you are someone who watches YouTube please be aware that majority videos are not made by professionals and it is that persons opinion on what works best for them. When it comes to lace there are many different ways it can be done

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