Tape-In Extensions

Tape-In Extensions

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LQC (Lavish Queen Collection) is proud to offer our Luxurious Lavish Tape In Extensions! 

LQC Tape-Ins are made using Raw Vietnamese Human Hair. Each Bundle contains 40 individual pieces weighing 100 grams per bundle.
A minimum of 2 bundles is recommended for a natural installation.
For a fuller installation 3 bundles are recommended. 

If you love your natural hair but are looking for a safe method to make your  hair longer with more volume with a natural seamless look, Tape-Ins are for you!

Tape-In extensions are 1 inch  thin individual tape wefts, that are “taped-in” in between your own hair like a “sandwich”. This method is 100% natural, requires no chemicals, Tape-Ins can last up to 8-10 weeks with proper care. They are 100% reusable and completely safe when applied and removed by a licensed professional. 
LQC Tape-Ins are able to be bleached & colored. 

A Full consultation with a licensed and trained cosmetologist is recommended to achieve your desired results. 

PAYMENT PLANS ARE AVAILABLE Once you have selected your desired Tape-Ins (that was recommenced after your consultation) you can add on installation service as part of your payment plan before checking out. 
Once paid please keep in mind this option is only for Tape-Ins and payment for service an actual appointment must be made through booking site. 

DISCLAIMER: Most companies sell 50gram bundles containing 20 pieces per bundle, LQC bundles contain 40+ pieces. 

SHIPPING: Tape-Ins are customized per order please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery. Please keep delivery time in mind when booking Installation service. Payment processing time still applies, visit FAQs.