Crowned  Lace & Wig Adhesive EXTREME 2.0

Crowned Lace & Wig Adhesive EXTREME 2.0

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CROWNED Lace & Wig Adhesive EXTREME 2.0 is ideal for all hair system applications. This adhesive is humidity resistant, and waterproof under certain conditions. The product does not contain latex.  Oily skin ? No problem, with proper application CROWNED can stand any chance! 
CROWNED is a clear glue , that 
will give clients a superior hold without damaging the lace or edges.

CROWNED Lace & Wig Adhesive  is acrylic based product that has been lab tested and is skin safe if applied by a certified professional.

Prior to applying please do a patch test ! Must be applied to clean skin whiling  using our LAVISH Skin Protectant ! 

Extreme Hold 2.0 is for Professional Use only!!